Skills Assessment is a process of assessing while comparing an Individual’s qualifications and/or Employment history with Australian Professional standards against the suitability of the nominated occupation. Qualifications and Employment can be Overseas, Australian or Both, wherein the current ability, academic acquaintance, practical expertise and skills are determined to be deemed eligible to carry out relevant tasks pursuant to the nominated Occupation. Specific assessment bodies have different process and requirements to be met in accordance with the Australian Skills and Compliance policies. A positive assessment of Qualification, Employment or both may be needed depending on Specific Skills Assessment body pertaining to the Nominated occupation, planned Migration, and Visa category requirements. Further, there is a validity to the Skills Assessment Outcome report which can be distinct for each Skills Assessment Bodies.

  • Vetassess
  • TRA- Trades Recognition of Australia
  • EA- Engineers Australia
  • ACS- Australian Computer Society
  • AIM- The Australian Institute of Management
  • ANMAC/AHPRA/NMBA (Nursing)